How to take part?

In this section you will find all the answers to the doubts you may have about how to participate in the Tournament.

WAGC Portugal

How to participate?

In this page you will find all the answers to any questions you might have regarding how to participate in our tournaments.
How does the tournament work?
WAGC Portugal is divided into different stages:
The Regional Stage: During the 2021 season, WAGC will host 18 tournaments around Portugal. The winners of each tournament in their respective categories will qualify directly to the National Final.
The National Final : this stage will be played in September by the winners of the 5 different categories of each of the 18 tournaments of the regional stage.
The World Final: This 2021 season the world final will take place in Mexico. 5 players from Portugal will have the privilege of playing, these will be the winners of each of the 5 categories of the National Final.


What is the final prize?
The winners of the national final will have access to play the world final with all expenses paid. This includes a professional experience for the 5 amateur players including: plane tickets, hotel, entry for the world final tournament that is played 4 consecutive days. Ultimately, enjoy an golf tournament experience like a profesional golfer. In addition, in each of the tournaments there will be additional prizes provided by our sponsors to make the WAGC an unforgettable experience.
Could I sign up for more than one regional tournament?

Yes, each player can participate in as many tournaments as they would like in each of the categories, as long as they are not the winner of any of them. In that case, they will directly play the national final.
Are there any restrictions when signing up for tournaments?

All players must be federated by the Portuguese Golf federation (FPG) in order to participate.
How many categories are there?
The tournament is divided into 5 categories depending on the handicap (HCP) of each player
The Handicap categories are:
1st Category
0 - 5.4
2nd Category
5.5 - 10.4
3rd Category
10.5 - 15.4
4th Category
15.5 - 20.4
5th Category
20.5 - 25.4