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Three friends in love with the Alentejo wanted to show the world the irresistible products of the Black Pig of the Alentejo Breed. This breed, historically preserved in Portugal, is unique in the world and recognized for its authenticity.
Creating the best specimens of this breed in free range, feeding them with 100% natural products and producing, following exclusively traditional methods, guarantees the highest quality. This is the philosophy that has driven ABSOLUTO since its inception.
"As a result of rearing in the wild and having essentially eaten herbs and acorns, the pig becomes more muscular and the fat seeps into its own meat.
When you eat that ham, you feel the fat melt off your fingers - it's a natural, heart-healthy, antioxidant fat. "
The Alentejo breed dates back to the time of the Roman Empire, being later crossed with the existing wild boars in Portugal. It is characterized by having little hair, a fine claw, a long snout and an almost black color, which is why it is also known as 'black leg'.
Thanks to its genetics, it has a great capacity for infiltration of intramuscular fat, thus explaining the marbled ribs that give the meat a unique unctuousness and texture and an unmistakable flavor and aroma.
The secrets of the high quality of ABSOLUTE products are due, not only to the purity of the breed, but also to the region where they are raised, the Alentejo. This region of vast expanses of holm oaks and cork oaks has unique conditions for the creation of the Alentejo pig. The animals are raised in an extensive and traditional regime, in contact with nature and feed on acorns, rich in oleic acid.
These characteristics guarantee the authenticity and value of the Alentejo breed, recognized worldwide, and give ABSOLUTE products a unique quality.
The true art of ABSOLUTO lies in the strict control of all stages of production from birth to the final product. This control begins even before MATERNITY, where we ensure the maintenance of their ancestral genetics and the absence of crossbreeding with other breeds, promoting the best strains of the black Alentejo breed pig.
This is followed by the pre-mountaineering phase, or RECRIA, in which the pig is prepared in controlled freedom. At this stage we want the pig to grow strong and that is why its diet, based on wheat, barley and its stubble ensures the ideal preparation for the next stage.
During the MOUNTAIN, the pigs live in total freedom in the Alentejo mountains, an ecological paradise of cork oaks and holm oaks where they travel about 14 km per day and feed freely and naturally, exclusively on acorns and herbs found in these pastures.
The CURING time varies according to the size of the pieces, and can go up to 36 months, in the case of hams. This scene is handmade, slow and natural, elaborated in carefully selected microclimate areas.
All this long and diversified process requires the utmost attention at all stages of production and it is this rigor that guides our way of acting. We know that only in this way can we achieve the ABSOLUTE product and the full satisfaction of our customers.
All ABSOLUTE products are of superior quality. Coming from the Alentejana Black Pig, they are raised in the mounts of the Alentejo plain in a free regime, with a natural diet in all phases of their growth. They have a more succulent meat, very tasty and with an intense aroma.